QEEG Consultation

Raw EEG wavesQuantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) third party consultation services are available for healthcare professionals who want a QEEG completed for their clients or patients, but who may not necessarily want to refer them to Neurotherapy Associates for actual treatment. Consultation services include raw EEG collection and interpretation as well as QEEG brainmap interpretation. Recommendations for neurofeedback treatment protocols will be made if requested. Additional recommendations, such as referral to a neurologist for pathological brainwave activity, are made as appropriate.

Each QEEG consult includes a one-on-one meeting (in-person or over the phone) with Richard Davis, full color print outs of the extensive, unique brain maps (relative power, absolute power, weighted average, z-score, etc.), and statistical comparison of the client’s brainwaves to several industry standard normative databases.

To learn more about the actual process of a QEEG session along with example QEEG reports, please visit the QEEG section of this website.