Neurofeedback Services

Neurotherapy Associates is the premier neurofeedback provider in the North Texas region. Neurofeedback is a rapidly growing treatment for attention, behavior, and learning disorders. Research has shown it to be as effective as stimulant medication, but without many of the side effects. This technique follows a learning or operant conditioning model.

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About Us

Neurotherapy Associates is a private practice located in Denton, Texas that serves the North Texas community. Neurotherapy Associates offers a range of mental and behavioral health services that include neurofeedback, biofeedback, counseling, quantitative EEG (QEEG), QEEG consultation and interpretation, and BCIA-mentoring.

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Contact Us

Neurotherapy Associates
4232 N. I-35E
Denton, Tx. 76207
940-243-7586 wk
940-243-7524 fax

Please visit our Contact page for complete contact details, download directions to our office, and a Google map for custom directions.

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